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Mexico Jersey Away is used ball, new football is named Tango Argentina 12, with early ex-2012 European cup authorities games releasing use ball, 2012 African cup authorities game use ball similar belong to the same Tango of 12 serieses, football surface mainly from pearl white and blue constitute, nuance the inspiration come from Argentine national flag and have in the pattern of surface of sphere flaunt in the sun, ground in May of colourful take with scraps of paper, symbolize the intense emotion of Argentine football with this. Well worth mentioning BE, adidas famous tango football is exactly a birth in 1978 Argentine world cup, become one on football creation history classic, the Qian face reading of 20"adidas triangle" shape links to form 12 circulars of all of the equalities with each other, also become is some after many footballs design in the middle of the year of female plank. The J league match deer island antler club authorities in Japan announced ball team 2012 match quarter the new style of hst and guest field is three sets of design drafts of sports clotheses, sports clothes from bear a gram of company sponsor, club with bear a gram of cooperation of company to begin from 2002, up to the present already longer than 10 years. Is new style of main field the sports clothes take"return to point of departure" as topic, the sports clothes designs simple and direct conservative, reserved matching of the dark red and deep navy's blue of club tradition on the color, the dark red came from the color of the Ci city county county flower rambling rose flower of club place at the earliest stage, the club led in the Year 2011's own of 20-year-old birthday, the new match quarter club would re- set out to open ownly the second 20 yearses. New match quarter guest field the sports clothes regard deep navy blue as principle, at past of 20 deep navy's blues have been the sports clothes that the most important assistance color appears in antler brigade in the deer island in the middle of the year up, the new match quarter will independently appear for the very first time, the blue also has special meaning to the club, the base Ci city county of the club subordinate deer and tide come, the absolute being stay, farmland and go square five all use blue as a representative, the flag of Ci city county is also a white blue bottom rambling rose ensign.